Code submission

Non-open source and anonymous participants

Open source and non-anonymous submissions are highly recommended and are free of charge. For profit contestants participating with closed source code must pay an administration fee of GBP250 + VAT. Contestants who wish to remain anonymous must also pay an additional administration fee of GBP250 + VAT prior to the evaluation, otherwise the organisers cannot guarantee anonymity.


The submitted software should accept (and process) the following parameters:

  • 1st parameter: the filename of the output file. Please append the actual output to the end of this file.
  • 2nd parameter: the questioned signature
  • (for verification task only) from 3 up to 8 parameters: the reference signatures

Examples of a call (Task 1/on-line)

./TaskSigOnline output.txt test/que/11.csv ref/01.csv test/ref/02.csv test/ref/23.csv

Expected output

test/que/11.csv ref/01.csv test/ref/02.csv test/ref/23.csv score evidential_value

Examples of a call (Task 1/off-line)

./TaskSigOffline output.txt test/que/11.png ref/01.png test/ref/02.png test/ref/23.png

Expected output

test/que/11.png ref/01.png test/ref/02.png test/ref/23.png score evidential_value

Examples of a call (Task 2/on-line gender)

./TaskOfflineHandedness output.txt test/que/11.csv

Expected output

test/que/11.csv female

Examples of a call (Task 2/off-line gender)

./TaskOfflineHandedness output.txt test/que/11.png

Expected output

test/que/11.png female

System specification


Latest stable debian stretch with the following packages installed:

  • build-essential
  • openjdk-8-jdk
  • openjdk-8-jre

Any other required libraries have to be bundled into the executable. No root/sudo, just single user privileges. Dowload virtual image here


Latest Windows 10 Pro with cumulative updates until 1903 with the following software installed:

  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Java SDK 11
  • 7zip

Any other required libraries have to be bundled into the executable or included as DLLs. No System Administrator account, just single user privileges. Dowload virtual image here

Runtime specification


No internet connection


Maximum runtime: 4 hours


There is no persistency between the runs, the virtual machine is restored to the beginning stage

System configuration

  • 2 virtual CPUs
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 64 MB video ram

Input specification

Please send only one file, you can compress multiple files

  • For windows you can use compression available in 7zip
  • For linux, use tar.gz

The file will be extracted to the user's home directory

  • In windows: C:\Users\sigcomp\
  • In linux: /home/sigcomp/